Title Abstracting and Reports for all counties in the State of Florida

Title Search Report
A title search report is the process of retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real property, to determine relevant interests in and regulations concerning that property.

Property Information Report
A Property Information Report, previously known as an O&E or Owner Encumbrance Report, is a very popular type of basic search done for a quick, easy, and affordable public records search. This is a current owner search in the public records that will include the current deed, any mortgages, liens and any other encumbrances on the property and against the current owner only.
NOTE: This is not an examined product. The Company’s liability for this Report is limited to the cost of the report and extends only to the Customer who placed the order with the Company.

Title Commitment
A title commitment is basically the title company’s promise to issue a title insurance policy for the property after closing. It goes further in detail than a Title Search Report. The Title Commitment contains the same terms, conditions, and exclusions that will be in the actual insurance policy. It sets out the requirements that need to be cleared prior to issuing a Title Insurance Policy. The Commitment will also list exceptions to the coverage.

Foreclosure Report
Our Foreclosure Report provides you the information necessary to be a successful bidder in an auction. The report is a search of the Public Records. The information provided will allow you to discern if you are bidding on a first mortgage or not, and whether or not any liens will survive the foreclosure.
NOTE: We do not provide municipal lien searches for any unrecorded liens that may affect the property or survive the foreclosure.

Gap Search
A gap search covers the period between when the public records became available on-line and the last Warranty Deed of record.

Images / Copies of Official Recorded documents are available for a nominal fee.

Back Searches
A back search is a search of the public records prior to the time that the records are made available on-line.  

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